Since 1925, MorehouseCowles stone mills have proven to be the most reliable and efficient way to process hundreds of different materials from food, cosmetics, and ceramics to paints, inks and grease. Our stone mills break down a product or mixture to very small particle sizes. They offer grinding technology for dry to liquid processing where 100% of the material passes through the milling surfaces for superior consistency and performance.

Our Offering

Laboratory Mills

For formulation development or small scale production batches, MorehouseCowles offers scaled down versions of our standard stone mill, ideal for a laboratory setting.



Our innovative engineering support teams are available to closely collaborate with customers to develop and design custom equipment and technology. Contact us to learn more.

Preventative Maintenance

For optimal performance, it is important to keep up with the preventative maintenance schedule. Recommended parts for stone mills include:

  • Stones (rotor/stator)
  • Bearings
  • Spindle
  • Gaskets for stones

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