MorehouseCowles ViscoMAX™ multi-shaft mixers are designed for dissolving extremely high viscosity materials of up to 4,000,000 cP. These mixers feature two to three shafts with each having its own specific function to ensure complete homogeneity. Dual or triple motor designs are power matched to your process requirements so you are assured of adequate power availability and efficiency.

Our Offering

Safety Features

Safety features for all ViscoMAX™ multi-shaft mixers include:

  • Tank holder with locator pin – tank will always be centered in place
  • Lift height limit switch – will not run if unit is raised
  • Drive guard – covers belts and pulley

Laboratory Mixers

For formulation development or small scale production batches, MorehouseCowles offers scaled down versions of our standard dissolvers and mixers ideal for a laboratory setting.


Custom configure your ViscoMAX™

These advanced systems are highly customizable to fit your specific needs. Our technical experts are here to help determine the best configuration to provide you with the best mixing power. From shaft speed or horse power, to tanks, impellers and sweep blade designs, we can help match the technology to your product mix.

Ram Discharge

Your heavy, viscous products can be effortlessly removed from the tank when you activate the MorehouseCowles hydraulic Ram Discharge System. With a powerful push, your product is forced out of the dispersion tank so it takes less labor and time to empty and clean your equipment.

Blade Options

Whether mixing extremely low viscosity or high speed, hi-shear, there are a variety of blade options to meet your needs.

Low Speed Blades

Axial Turbine

The axial turbine blade design pushes product from top to bottom.


One of the oldest low speed blade designs for viscous product mixing, the “bow-tie” or “butterfly” provides good shear and mixing for moderately viscous products such as inks, auto body filler, synthetic marble and other high volume products.

Flat Bar Sweep

The bars are slightly angled to provide vertical flow and promote product movement around the tank. This design is used for more viscous products where the material being mixed must be pushed around the tank to the high shear impeller.

Pitched Blade

This blade design produces strong downward pumping action in the center of the tank while lifting the product on the outer edge.

Intermediate Speed Blades


The Helix shaped auger, similar to that used in a screw conveyor, has several desirable qualities.  Almost always used in vacuum machines with extremely viscous products, the auger does a superb job of pumping “up” or “down” and can be reversed when used with a reversing motor starter.


The disc-mounted blade is used for products with lower viscosity and to push the product from center to the outer wall.

High Speed Blades

COWLES Hi-Shear Impeller

The go-to blade of our line, whether dispersing low or high viscosity materials or mixing dry to liquid or liquid to liquid products, it offers the best combination of pumping and hi-shear.

Dual Hi-Speed Impeller

The dual impeller design is used when a tank is tall and narrow to get even dispersion throughout the batch. It is also used for higher viscosity products that can be difficult to achieve full dispersion and a single blade does not have enough pumping capability.

Pick Impeller

For rapid dispersion of fibrous materials or solid materials such as rubber, MorehouseCowles pick impeller alternates high-shear vanes with sharp horizontal blades for rapid cutting.


The POLY-PELLER is used for similar applications as the hi-shear impeller, but it is designed for abrasive applications such as water-based, solvent-based, titanium-dioxide dispersions, or where the products cannot be in contact with metal.

Preventative Maintenance

For optimal performance, it is important to keep up with the preventative maintenance schedule. Recommended parts for the ViscoMAX™ mixers include:

  • Impellers
  • Bearings for main shaft
  • Belts
  • Packing Kit for Hydraulic lift

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