For formulation development or small scale production batches, MorehouseCowles offers scaled down versions of our standard dissolvers, mixers and mills, ideal for a laboratory setting.

Our Offering

Mixers & Dissolvers

High-Speed Dissolver

The V-series high speed dissolvers will provide ultimate dispersion, de-agglomeration, dissolving and disintegration for liquid to liquid or dry to liquid mixing with a wide range of material viscosity capabilities of up to 15,000 cP. The V-12 is offered in 0.25 to 5 gal capacity with 1 or 2 hp.


ViscoMAX multi-shaft mixers are designed for dissolving extremely high viscosity materials of up to 4,000,000 cP. These mixers feature two to three shafts with each having its own specific function to ensure complete homogeneity. The VML-1 is offered in 0.25 to 0.75 gal capacity with 2 hp.

ViscoMAX - Ram Press

Your viscous products can be effortlessly removed from the tank when you activate the MorehouseCowles hydraulic Ram Discharge System. With a powerful push, your product is forced out of the dispersion tank so it takes less labor and time to empty and clean your equipment.




Our innovative engineering support teams are available to closely collaborate with customers to develop and design custom equipment and technology. Contact us to learn more.

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